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Thread: How to begin a garden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnandita1 View Post
    Well gardening is my hobby.So I do not get bored even if I am in the garden for the full day.Thanks for the information.Now I can perform my hobby with much accuracy.
    Gardening is surely a wonderful hobby Gnandita. It isn't my favorite hobby but it surely interests me to learn and try out plantation though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkramer View Post
    I think I'll definately give that a go. I know the strawberries and the tomatoes can be done that way, but even the cucumbers and the green beans?
    Just about anything can be grown in a pot if it's big enough to accommodate the roots!

    Cucumbers you can definately do in pots as I've done it.

    Green beans need something to climb up, so park them infront of a trellis or use large pots with an individual cane wigwam over each pot. You can get dwarf varieties of beans too, so check out different varieties to see what suits your space. Beans can have lovely flowers, so you can incorporate them into a pretty display.

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