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Thread: Growing your own?

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    We used to grow our potatoes in big buckets to save space. (You plant them at the bottom with a little earth then keep adding more earth as they grow. If you feed and water through the year as well, you can end up with a bucket full of potatoes from top to bottom.) Cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets, a great space saver, (which are unbelievably tasty and easy to grow) and blueberries and salady bits (like lettuce, dandelion and pak choi, and rocket) in the ground, but all these can be grown in pots easily and you can bring your dandelions and chicory indoors for forcing(blanching). Best of luck!
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    Wink Potatoes, tomatoes, Peppers and herbs.

    Potatoes can be grown in containers and do well.

    get a container about 3 feet across and 2-3 feet tall. Fill it 1/2 way with 2 parts potting soil and 1 part sand (play sand is good). Get three (or six if you wish to use whole potatoes) seed potatoes. Cut them in half so that you have some good eyes or sprouts sticking up and leave them out side for 2-3 days. Plant them with five on the outside a couple of inches from the sides and one in the center. cover them with about 2 more inches of your mixture. Keep covering the plant groth every week so that only about a half inch to inch is stiking up until the planter is almost full. Then when the plants start to die you will have potates. Easy to do.

    Also if you have sun and somewhere to hang you can hang grow tomatoes and peppers. in any search engine try hanging tomato planters. you can make them out of any thing that will hang, hold dirt and can be watered from the top. The best part is that you can grow herb in the top or cut holes in the side and have stawberries (or any herb, small plant) growing out the sides. They are very productive. We are using 2 gal buckets.

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