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Thread: Flowers in my garden..

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    Default Flowers in my garden..

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and notice it is not an active one so thought I'd make a post see where it's some pics of my Florida landscape today... Bougainvillia have more to post later...let us see your flowers?

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    I like the hibiscus.

    You can see my flwoers here:

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    Default more from my garden...

    Orchid tree and flower: these orchids are quite fragrant unlike other orchids which are just pretty.

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    Default Magnolia Opening

    Took this pic. today first magnolia opening on my tree full of buds:

    Here's a better pic. of my magnolia's
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    Default adding pics.

    My Crepe Myrtle beginning to bloom and in full bloom now..up close

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    Very Nice. My are on My Yard in Fort Pierce FL I have not figured out how to convert and resize my pics. for this site yet.
    Come and visit [url=]MY Yard in Fort Pierce FL[/url] and watch my plants grow.

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    Those are beautiful! I especially love the crepe myrtles, and the orchid tree is very cool, too.

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    What beautiful flowers. You must have a green thumb. I really like the crepe Myrtle. Do you have to plant these where it is warm year around?

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    Those are really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Susie, I loved the picture of the magnolia, they never look like that in my area. The flowers on our magnolia have been quite good this year, but some years if we have a late frost it kills all the buds off.

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