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    Question Forsythia

    Cut my forsythia back completely last spring, to about 3-4 inches in height. Over the course last summer it grew into a nice looking shrub. This spring it is too leggy. Each branch a good 36-46 inches and hanging low. The bush cannot be mowed around for the drooping branches. Is there a solution to begin shaping this shrub, or should I resign and dig it up completely.

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    you pruned it back way too far. New growth is not strong growth, of course it'd droop.

    Cut it back to the point where it'll stop drooping, probably down to 12-24 inches, and let it grow from there. Then in the future never cut it back so much.

    forsythia is a plant that you can easily prune to keep in check like any other hedge shrug. You can even prune it into shapes. But cutting it back to just above the ground will NOT help it grow bushy.

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