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    Smile Rocks and Roses

    I bought my first house & I have a small yard & I would like to plant roses. I dug up a couple small shrubs & a juniper. While battling with the roots I also noticed the soil is loaded with rocks. I've been trying to remove the golf ball size & larger. There are so many as well as the roots that seem to be throughout. I'm doing my best to clean it all out but want to know how roses will do in this rocky soil. I live in the southwest. Lots of heat, lots of sunshine. I want to plant in the fall. How will my roses fair in this rocky soil? Aside from mulch & fertilizer, anything else I need to do? All suggestions are welcome. Boy, gardening is tiresome!

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    They'll do fine. If you wanted to help them take those big rocks up, build a little semicircle with them, fill that with some nice loose garden/top soil, and plant the roses in that. IE make a little stone raised bed. That will give them some premium room up top before their roots get too deep.

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    Thanks. I'm prepping the soil now for October. I was thinking of putting a climber in the corner, then work my way up with shrubs & stand alones. I like the Abraham Darby, Mr. Lincoln, Gold Medal & Blossom Time for the climber.

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    it said that they'll do fine if you plant roses in rocky soil, but it makes me wonder, will it work as well for other flower such as jasmine, tulip or others?

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