Accompanied by a huge market demand, our company specializes in the design and development of the unique patented soybean peeling machine. Drying technology, ideal for peeling and split beans, Garden peas, beans and other circle is less than 25 mm in diameter.

Peeling the beans, bean bran and bean kernels separated and split into two.

-Peeled peas breakage rate minimum
Bean skins are in good condition, clearly showed lower breakage rate
Bean flour or rough and high-output percentage rate is very low.
-Good colors and smells fresh half peeled beans.
-Compact and reliable quality. Body powder paint, strong long time use.
-Patented technology, unique design
-A variety of functions and stripping as well as soybeans, green beans, yellow peas.

Stripping in a dry way, this machine is already very popular with small factories
Processed soybean products such as tofu, soy milk, sauces, snacks and other products.
Customer feedback, this technique can be significant improvement in the quality of the final product, in order to help sell better in price and bring greater economic benefits.
Our soybean peeling machine can not work independently, but can also be designed as a large capacity, can hold with large peeling team beans bean food production plant.