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Thread: Help me identify these plants?

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    Default Help me identify these plants?

    Hi! Newbie here! Walking my backyard, I noticed two plants I haven't seen before. (Which is odd, I've been here 10 years!)

    I'm not sure what they are, please help!

    The first seems like a vine, or else mounding. I noticed it along my wire fence and in shady, woods spots.

    The second I saw also in the shade along my fence and in the old leaf piles. It's like ground cover with pretty green leaves and tiny white flowers.

    Do I have weeds? Are they worth transplanting?
    Thanks for your help

    Ps - in New Hampshire

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    in first image, is that Evergreen candytuft ? i was trying to search the first image and i get this :

    and actually that flower seems very familiar to me, i barely find that kind of flower but i have seen that flower in some wedding event on TV.

    may it helps you, but i have no idea for the second image

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