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    Kingshine bean peeling machine introduction

    Today beans are widely used in high quality grain flour products, bean products processing and protein extraction. With the diet change and the pursuit of food nutrition and health, Kingshine bean processing machinery factory offers a variety of large and small bean processing equipment, including soy beans, peas, green beans, black beans, black eye beans, lentils, broad beans, kidney beans and so on. And it can be customized according to customer's specific requirements to design and produce. The bean peeling machine of our company have been exported to many countries and regions in the world.

    Application of bean peeling machine

    Bean peeling machine is mainly applied in the grains processing line and food processing plant, including soybean, lentil, black-eye bean, kidney bean, broad bean, mung bean, pea, chickpea, etc. it is an ideal equipment for deodorizing and improving the grade of bean products.

    Features of Kingshine Bean Peeling Machine

    1. Reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.
    2. High automation degree, automatic processing from feeding, grinding to bean separation.
    3. Timed processing, sound-light alarming, self-locking after stopping working, reliable performance.
    4. High peeling rate, high whole kernel rate, good peeling effect, good separation effect.

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