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    Peeled Green Bean Healthy Claims

    Today,*green beans*grow*mainly*in*India,*China,*Southeast Asia,*southern American and*several*regions*of*southern*Europe. Green bean*provides enormous health benefits*for*humans.*Green beans*are high in*protein and fiber and a lot*of*vitamins*and*minerals, with low*fat and*no*cholesterol.*Mung beans can*fight*heart disease,*cancer,*diabetes*and*obesity, and*can improve enhance immune*function.*Compared*to*many*other*beans,*gre en beans cook faster and*are easier*to*digest.*In*India,*peeled*green beans*are*known as mung dal*or*moong dal.*Peeled*green beans*than*the*original beans taste smoother.

    Green Bean Peeling, Shelling and Separating Machine

    Green bean peeling, shelling and separating machine is specially deal with peeling green beans. It can automatically peel the green beans, separate the bran and peeled beans, and separate whole beans and split beans.

    Consists of BPH600 Green Bean Peeling Machine

    BPH600 Bean Peeling Machine is made up of feeding hopper, elevator, top-mounted trolley, grinder, vibrating screen, bran removal sieve, separating sieve, loading hopper and electric control cabinet.

    Application of Green Bean Peeling Machine

    Green bean peeling machine is mainly used in the grains processing line and food processing plant, including soybean, lentil, black-eye bean, kidney bean, broad bean, mung bean, pea, chickpea, etc.

    The machine applies to food-processing factories, hotels, hotels, canteens or professional use.

    Character of Green Bean Peeling Machine
    1. Bean kernel full rate is high, the same color consistent, light lustre and very attractive.
    2. With peeling, separating the two functions, peeling rate is high and reliable quality.
    3. Compact structure, high efficiency, energy saving, easy to operate.

    Working Flow of BPH600 Green Bean Peeling Machine

    Feeding -- elevating -- conveying -- grinding -- vibro-screening -- removing bran --*separating whole and split beans -- peeled mung beans

    Technical Parameter
    Model: BPH600
    Capacity: 600kg/h
    Power: 34.1kw
    Size: 11*2.1*3.2m(L*W*H)
    Weight: 14mts
    Peeling Rate: higher than 75%
    Whole kernel rate: higher than 42%
    Operator: two persons

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    Is this model more upgrade for past one.

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