I just planted a 4 foot OGM, and maybe 5 or 6 inches up from the bottom, a sprout, at least half the diamater of the trunk maybe even thicker comes out and runs parallel with the rest of the tree, almost as high. It has plenty of leaves on it. Will this point stay near the ground, or will it move up high as the tree grows. I want a single trunk going up, not a double trunk. If so, is it ok to prune it off now, or will I hurt the tree? The trunk is only a pinky finger in diameter at most. I have never seen a picture of an october glory with multiple trunks so I was hoping nature will move it up as the tree grows without me having to mutilate it. They had a 10 footer there and all the leaves looked kinda crummy, and I also read in a few places these trees grow so fast, a healthier smaller one will outgrow a taller one, but that had a SINGLE thick trunk on it at least. Thanks in advance