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    I am relatively new to gardening. I have bought a Bristol Black Raspberry stem from a local nursery nearby Chicago. It came out in a big plastic container. The stem has little leaves coming up and the container is relatively wet with i think soil and mulch. i wanted to know do i need to remove it from the plastic container and plant ina more big pot or container? As i have a patio and not a garden i want to grow it in a container. so here are my few questions:
    1. Do i need to plant it in another big container? If yea how to do it if the soil and mulch is still wet and moist?
    2. How many times should i water it in a day?
    3. Its relatively cloudy here n i have read the this plant needs lot of sun. Will it survive?
    4. Do i need to add any organic fertilizer or mulch in summer or fall?
    5. What care should i take everyday so that it grows well?
    6. When do i need to prune it?

    I have attached the image of my plant. Please help me out as this is my first attempt towards gardening.
    Happy Gardening.
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