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Thread: Help! I need reinforcements to re-kickstart this forum.

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    Red face Help! I need reinforcements to re-kickstart this forum.

    I'm new here, only a day or two old, but this place seems like a good place to hang my gardening hat. Even tho I like talking to myself, it's not conducive to good mental health. Last time I looked there were 32 "guests" viewing. Cmon take the plunge and sign up so my wife doesn't commit me.

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    It's been over two weeks, and 101 views of my post, and nary a reply. Back to google to search for a garden forum that is active I guess. Anybody have any suggestions? Whoops, there I go talking to myself again.

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    Sorry, Christmas season and all that, not much gardening going on when the yard is full of snow

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    Hi there. I am a newbie here and yes talking to your self is not the best. where are you based

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