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Thread: Renting Gardening Equipment

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    Lightbulb Renting Gardening Equipment

    I a trying to build a service that allows users to rent items on a weekly or monthly basis. I am also looking at gardening tools as a product category that can be rented. The product is currently an iPhone app available at

    I would love to understand from the forum members what would be some of the items that they would be interested in renting on a weekly basis to serve the gardening needs?


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    Hello Aabhinav, that's really a good idea! Wish you manage it well.

    Btw, maybe you will be interested in my products lists also. Kindly check!

    You can contact me directly:
    Tel: 0086-579-81716336

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    Hi A,

    That sounds like a really neat app. You might want to focus on gardening tools that people might not want to commit to buying right away so they'd have more incentive to use your app. Maybe tools like tillers, sprinklers or even cameras if people are worried about wildlife sneaking in. I'd also offer items specifically for the gardener at work, like lighting for night gardening (I have a neighbor who does this so I promise it's a thing that people do lol) or a Mosquito Magnet to minimize bites.

    Good luck with your app!

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    HI, aabhinav
    maybe a tent, for camping in the garden

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