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    I am new here and was hoping to find some help on gardening with my tractor. I'm not sure if this is the right place, does anyone here use a tractor in their gardening? or am I just lazy?

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    I use a garden tractor and Troybilt Horse tiller. What are you wanting to know?

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    I use my garden tractor for hauling stuff around the yard. For everything else, it's specialty tools. Then again I only have 2/3 of an acre to work with. The word "tractor" is a strong word, and brings to my minds eye a farm.

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    Yeah, typically once you get into tractor territory, you're on a farm. Not that a tractor isn't super convenient when tilling up a patch for a veggie garden, but if you have a tractor, that's not what you got it for. What kind of "tractor" are you talking about, and how did you plan to use it? (If you mean a riding mower, that really just has the one application...)

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    I would love a small tractor for tilling and earth moving once I Get my big epic martha-stewart size veggie garden.

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    In my opinion, the tractor bumps you up to "farm status".
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    Hi mate, I think that you shouldn't use the tractor if you've a litle garden

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    Well I have my big martha stewart sized garden, see my recent post.

    I also got a new tractor. It is a 25hp compact mahindra tractor, the turning radius is a bit wide even in my new big garden, it took some work to get into the corners with the towed behind tiller. That really is a cool benefit. There are so many attachments, you buy the one engine, and can run so many things off it. I have a tiller, a back hoe, an auger, and of course a loader on the front. I'd like to get a chipper for the back as well.

    It is, however, a big massive expense and honestly I could have done without it but the tractor was a gift. I will be using it for more than just gardening as I now I have 20 acres of land to look after.

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    I think an electric tiller is enough, if you want to till home garden or backyard. And this is a good tiller guide to start.

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    Tractor is very helpful for me.

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