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Thread: Gypsum and Japanese Maples

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    Question Gypsum and Japanese Maples

    My Japanese Maple has been in the ground for about 8 years, in San Diego. It gets afternoon sun, and I only water it with water that has been sitting for at least 36 hours, to dissipate the chlorine. The leaves still burn a bit, and I am going to add some gypsum to the planting area.

    Does anyone know about how much gypsum I should add?

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    I'm not sure about the gypsum, but I have another idea to protect your maple tree leaves.

    There is a product called Cloud Cover, and you spray it on the leaves. Best to do it in the spring when the fresh foliage emerges before they get crispy edges but at any time it will help protect the plant's beauty.

    Maples have leaves with very thin cellular walls so they transpire very quickly, and it is hard for them to retain moisture. Cloud Cover is a liquid wax that helps seal in the moisture. Really works!
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