Corn peeling machine can improve corn peeling efficiency and process 1000kg of material per hour at least. It mainly consist of feeding mechanism, screw propeller, peeling chamber, transmission mechanism, collection hopper, discharging device and dust remover.
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Corn peeling machine (dry method) utilizes high-speed rotation emery blade for continuous cutting and rubbing to damage the bonding strength between corn and the corn albumen and corn germs. It makes corn cortex gradually separated and then effectively removes corn cortex. Meanwhile, it can make corn germs and the black impurities separated. It has highly efficient air suction chamber inside to collect the corn cortex from peeling process. Corn peeling rate can reach 98% above and soybean and mung bean peeling rate can reach 95% above, which reaches the highest standard of this industry.

Corn peeling machine features:
The dry method peeling technology doesn’t need water. Compared with the wet method, it is more sanitary.
Excellent peeling performance can remove the moldy corn germs.
High yield and good effect.
By adjusting pressure controller and the feeding port speed, we can control the standing time of corn, wheat and beans in the peeling chamber so as to ensure the emery blade effective friction and better peeling efficiency.