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    I have a quick question...I live in Conneticut and this week I noticed a 6 inch rock appear in my flower bed. It appears to have been pushed up from the ground..there is clay dirt around it and its about half way out. Very strange! Has anyone heard or seen this before? Curious what causing it!

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    The freezing and thawing of the ground is pushing the rock up. Here in northern MN it happens all the time. Especially after a really cold winter when the frost goes deeper than normal. The most noticeable rock issue I dealt with was in my back yard. In 3 years time it went from a half dollar size bare spot in the yard to sticking up high enough that I had to mow around it. The next spring as the frost was coming out and the ground was really soft me and my oldest daughter were able to pry it out with a couple of crow bars. It was about the size of prize winning watermelon.

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    I live in Guilford CT, and last week had about a 3" rock seem to push up out of the dirt. Looked like there was red clay down next to it as far as I dug (just a few inches to get the rock out - it was poking out about an inch). Not sure if this is something to wonder about as I start to prep my flower bed for the summer? I think I'll proceed with my gardening, but am curious about this phenomenon.

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    I am so glad I found this forum! I found it by search Guilford CT because I also live here. (Hello neighbors!) I can't believe what is happening but a rock in my garden is protruding about 6 inches from the ground but wasn't visible because of my strawberry plants and my father tripped on it and broke his ankle! When he told me what he tripped on I told him there were no rocks in the garden but when i investigated I found the rock just where he said it was! I couldn't believe it and thought that someone must have put it there but when I tried to dig it out I was unable to as I just got to a layer of clay surrounding the rock which seems to be rooted quite deeply. I feel so bad that my father was injured in my garden and now I can't even remove the culprit. Any suggestions to handle this? Thank you!

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    Many times those rocks that "come up" are like icebergs. You only see the tip, and there is a "berg" below ground. Unless you want to get really serious about digging it out; you might want to just incorporate it into your garden landscape and make the best of it.

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    These rocks can be really dangerous since they hide so much of their size underground while they're emerging. It might be worthwhile to do some digging around the rising rock to see just how big it really is. Unfortunately in colder climates this sort of thing is unavoidable as far as I can tell.

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