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Thread: Wild World of Tillers

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    Default Tillers can be frustrating to start

    Quote Originally Posted by FentonGardener View Post
    Hello, I am the FentonGadener and I haven't a clue as to the journey I have begun to embark on.

    As per normal with a new house and a nice size backyard my wife has asked to start a garden. She has some knowledge of plants and basic gardening procedures but I on the other hand am simple muscle for the job. I am trying to learn a few key things here and there like Annual (once a year ) Perennial (Keeps coming back ) and of course what Hostas are (seems like every person has these).
    So the main point of joining this site, (besides my desire to show my wife up with my new found knowledge) is my first major gardening purchase, A TILLER!!

    rear tine - big heavy expensive but could last forever. Lots of older models on craigslist. Seem tried and true.

    can be dual or Counter Rotating?

    M id Tine - Honda model- kind of expensive not sure if it makes sense.

    Front Tine - from very small to fairly midsize,,,told im wasitn my money but I am seeing Front tine models with as much as 208cc. Seems strong to me.

    What to do? There are so many and the prices range so much....How do you decide?


    Vegetable Garden is p- 24'x15' - removing grass from whole area.

    Other flower beds currently are 6-10 long and 3 feet wide. All havent been kept up in years. Lot of clearing of old stuff to do.

    That's about it for now....Hopefully i can get some cool chatting going and understand the feedback.

    Tillers can be frustrating to start especially after they sit over the winter. I have a Mantis Tiller and it does require cleaning of the carburetor every spring time. This is something you can tackle and there are on line articles to see how to disassemble and clean the carburetor. A can of carburetor cleaning from the WalMart and a screw driver is all that is needed.

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    thanks for sharing you experience.

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