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    I am from the Philippines and Im interested to learn to do backyard gardening / permiculture / natural farming or even hydrophonics. Our country is always hit by typhoons and storms. The recent Haiyan typhoon destroyed a big part of the Visayas area , both farmers and local people have been asking assistance for seeds and fertilizers .I've come to realize that it can be a long term help for other people struck with disaster if i could have vegetable seeds and can actually make and store good ones.

    i have an area that I can use for the meantime that I hope would be enough to start veggie planting ..I would appreciate all the help, ideas and suggestions that you can give .

    Im attaching pictures of the area I can work with.20131129_100807.jpg20131201_103531.jpg

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    I am not following what you are wanting to find out......I live in the middle united states therefore purchase most of my garden seeds although I have saved some seeds for the following year to plant.

    The pictures you posted tell me you may have excellent soil. Chicken and goat droppings are great additives to the soil unless you use too much. Do you have a way of letting it break down to use the next year? I do this with tree mulch it sits for a year then it is ready to use.

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