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Thread: Landscaping Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes, Termites, and Snakes - Oh My!

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    Default Landscaping Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes, Termites, and Snakes - Oh My!

    Homeowners with a large landscape often need to deal with various pests. Especially when landscaping Southlake, Texas. Common pests found in a yard will include mosquitoes, termites, and even snakes. There are many ways to deal with various pests that are invading your yard each spring. Review a few tips to help you keep away pests when lawn maintenance is necessary or you simply want to enjoy the outdoors.

    Birds Eat Mosquitoes

    The addition of a birdbath or water feature to your landscape is a great way to attract birds. The benefit of having birds in your yard is that certain types will actually eat mosquitoes. One example of a bird that eats mosquitoes is the purple martin. Another more common type of bird that will be more likely find a water feature or bird feeder attractive is a swallow or chickadee. If you attract insect eating birds to your backyard landscape, then mosquito problems will be easily controlled. You can also add fish to a water feature or pond during landscaping to help deal with any mosquito problems.

    Controlling Mosquitoes

    There are many ways that you can control the proliferation of mosquitoes in your yard during spring or in high moisture areas. Mosquitoes will typically breed in stagnant water. This means you should make sure landscape unattractive for breeding. One way to do this is to eliminate standing water after using a sprinkler or after a rain shower. Any containers that hold water need to be emptied. One area that does not get checked often is the gutters on your home. These are a great place for mosquitoes to breed if the gutters do not properly drain water.

    Prevent Termites

    Termites are an infestation that no homeowners want to experience. If you are updating the landscape around your home, then there are a few ways to keep termites away. One way to keep termites away is to make sure plants are placed a foot or more away from the foundation. You can also trim back any dead growth on existing shrubs and trees. If you do not have anything for termites to eat close to your home, then they will not make their way inside.

    Avoid Mulch

    The use of mulch is a great option to add color to the base of trees and plants around your home. If you use an inferior type of mulch, then any dampness can attract termites over time. A good alternative to a bed of mulch is to use stone or rocks that require little to no upkeep. One benefit of using stone or rock is the ability to effectively drain water. If you are updating the landscape around your home, then make sure to slope the ground to drain any water away from the foundation. Termites are also attracted to any wet areas with excessive moisture. Water that does not completely drain away from your home can also leak into your basement.

    Keep Out Snakes

    Snakes are a pest that can and will come into a yard if it looks attractive. You need to take a similar approach with snakes as you do with mosquitoes. If your yard is not attractive to snakes, then they will typically not be a bother. The first approach is to make sure your lawn is regularly mowed. Snakes can easily hide in long grass and look for food. Gardens are also attractive to snakes due to the plants they will use as cover. One way to keep snakes out of your garden is to surround it with a wire mesh screen. The screen is a pest control option that will keep out snakes and even small animals.

    Shelly Duell is a blogger for Lawn Connections. Shelly has been blogging for five years, and writing ever since she was able to hold a crayon and form a word. For lawn maintenance in Southlake, Texas, Lawn Connections has all your landscaping service needs. They even provide next day service.

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    Excellent tips you have there. I think I would have to disagree about the use of mulch though as it has other benefits aside from aesthetics. Just keep them away from your house or put a barrier around them.

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