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Thread: Are woodchucks harmful?

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    Default Are woodchucks harmful?

    I have a woodchuck (called by some a groundhog) living in his burrows underneath my porch.

    I know they eat your vegetable garden or whatever greens they can get at, but I'm not worried about that. I've got that under control.

    My question is, are woodchucks harmful? Should I remove him even if I don't care about the vegetation he damages?

    If not, I leave him be. He's fun to watch from my porch.

    Thanks for your advice.

    BTW-- I should add that I got a forest preserve brochure that tells how to remove him. Just wait till after breeding season (so you don't kill babies), then stash some alcohol-soaked rags down his burrows. Supposedly they usually leave of their own accord if you do that right. After they leave you board up the area by burying boards around there so no one can re-establish a home there.

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    They eat a ton, they will mow down a garden. But if you're okay with that, or think you have it under control (I've had them get inside of fencing) then no, they aren't harmful, just big fat bunny rabbits.

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    I agree with Chris, as long as you have things under control just let them be. But you may also want to do a bit more research about their habits in case they reach a point where you can no longer control them. Good luck!

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