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Thread: Pruning newly planted peach tree

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    Default Pruning newly planted peach tree

    I just purchased a 6-feet peach tree that has a few branches, a few blooms and many leaves.
    Can I still prune back the central leader to about 2-3 feet high leaving no branches or leaves? or should I wait until next year late winter to prune it.
    thank you!!

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    I just put in a peach tree myself. I'm not planning on pruning it until it's well established, maybe two or three years from now.

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    Why leave no branches?

    Wait until the tree is dormant (has dropped it's leaves) before pruning, and then just take out the poorly formed branches that affect the over all form. Never remove more than 50% of a tree at a time. Look for branches to remove that are dead, diseased, drooping (unless you have a weeping form tree), crossing other branches & rubbing, and are growing at a 90 degree angle from the trunk (weak connection). Also, thin out branches that are all growing from the same place. Definitely get rid of any suckers or water sprouts.

    Much debate in the arborist world about topping trees. If you do it, you are going to ruin your central leader's chance at growing straight and tall.
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