Hello! I'm having some issues in my garden and I'm not sure how to handle them, so I thought I'd try here. Thanks for any thoughts!

I can't recall the name of this bush. I planted it last Spring. It has green leaves with a hint of yellow. Once I cleared out Fall leaves, I noticed the right side of the plant has a pinkish hue (it seemed to do this in the Fall) and doesn't appear to have severe damage, but it looks like the right half has something wrong with it. Perhaps a fungus? I'm not sure if I should trim that entire half off, spray it with something, or leave it alone?

My very big pine tree had a huge infestation of bag worms last season. We sprayed it with Sevin multiple times (to play it safe) and have spent many long hours picking all the worms off. The issue is that, the front was so dead (and we didn't know better at the time), so we got impatient and snipped too much. Will this evergreen ever grow back or am I dealing with a forever hole? I don't know if I should be patient and let it grow over time or if I need to just cut the whole thing down. It's such a shame!

Any help would be great. We've had a heavy Winter and I'm anxious to start my Spring gardening.

Thank you!