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Thread: First time starting a garden. (General Questions)

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    Thank you. I probably could have avoided the problem if I had the courage to break open the root ball and spread it atop the mound as suggested by the nursery. How much can one tear into and spread out an established root ball when taking plants out of a container without causing harm and shocking the plant?

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    I do know that basil will do very well in a pot. I have a basil plant I planted early this summer and had I not neglected to water it lately it would still be doing good. I have it in a window inside and it gets plenty of sunshine during the day. So I would say definitely plant some basil, as an added bonus it smells so good lol.

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    There's a system I've been using for a few months now, not a scam either which surprised me.
    I'm putting together a blog to try to spread the word to the community, because I've had incredible results with this system.

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