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Thread: seed swap anyone?

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    Default seed swap anyone?

    i have a bunch of different veggie seeds that im not gonna plant and was wondering if anyone would wanna do a seed swap. if interested let me know and i can list the seeds avaible to swap

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    i have tge following seeds 1. a few types of lettuce 2. a few types of onion 3.rutabaga 4.beets 5.kale

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    I'd be interested in some kale and onions. I have sugar snap peas, carrots, chives, pickling cucumbers, summer squash, and black seeded simpson lettuce. Im looking for something to start around June/ July that can grow into cooler weather maybe. Ive never planted a fall garden before, but Im going to try this year, and it gets cold around October here in Maryland.

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    I have Russian Kale (yum) seeds, poppy, lavender, spicy oregano, and currant cuttings I can share. The currant cuttings are available in the fall; you shove them in the ground and in the spring you have a new shrub. Currants aren't too fond of hot humid weather.

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