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Thread: Upgrade a 6x8 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

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    Default Upgrade a 6x8 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

    For those potentially interested in building a small greenhouse I just posted up a "how-to" for some improvements one can make when building the 6x8 HFGH. Unfortunately the software here won't allow me to include the link to the tutorial. However, if you go to the Instructables web site and search for "building and improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 greenhouse" you can find it.

    The construction attempts to remedy some of the drawbacks associated with this kit including:

    1) Premature panel failure possibly due to poor UV protection.
    2) Lack of headroom.
    3) Thin aluminum materials make for flimsy construction.
    4) Problems resulting from the sliding door design.

    As shown in the Instructable, I covered all of the polycarbonate panels with high quality, greenhouse grade, 6 mil UV resistant film. I also raised the roof nearly a foot by building the base from 2x12 lumber set on edge. The bench and shelf supports are designed to double up as structural support for the aluminum framework. And with just a bit of extra work, the stock HF door can be mounted using hinges rather than the slider type design.

    If you have questions about the tutorial, feel free to post them up here and I will try to answer.

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    Have you tried contacting Harbor Freight and suggesting they incorporate the improvements you make? With due credit of course. Seems to me it’s too much of a hassle to get one, set it up, then improve it rather than buy an already improved one. Just my 2 cents though, guess I'm just too lazy when it comes to building stuff lol.

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