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Thread: accident! damaged trunk of young hemlock

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    Default accident! damaged trunk of young hemlock

    Yesterday I dropped a red oak near a group of hemlocks I planted 4 years ago and one of them was hit. Trunk cracked about halfway through about a foot off the ground. I straightened carefully and splinted by tying (with a 2 inch wide cotton rag).
    This hemlock is now grown to maybe 6-7 feet since purchaced locally 4 years ago.
    As amature, I can only think to apply tree wound dressing (treekote), only instructions say not while freezing or raining and its well below freezing now. I suppose as soon as above freezing, but needs to dry and don't know how long that would take.
    Any advice to suggest to save this tree? Thanks, Rich, cental MA

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    You’re better off calling professional tree experts as you might damage it more.

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    I know it's well after the fact but I really hope you didn't use treekote, OP. I've only ever heard bad things about it. Bernie's suggestion to get a service team involved is really the best bet.

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    I've had pretty good success by actually bolting the trunk together, then applying Vulcam calk to the wound (crack) to seal out bacteria and seal in the tree goo. I used 1/2" bolts with really large washers on the bolts, and did it on a day when the temperature was just above freezing. My first attempt was a Red Gum, and the trunk split as both large arms broke all the way to the ground. I propped up the sides, tied things into position, then drilled and installed the bolts. This was probably around 1994 and the tree is beautiful (and huge) to this day. I do worry about someone cutting into it one day though. If you do this, don't use hardened bolts.

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