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Thread: Mineral, virus, disease... HELP!

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    Default Mineral, virus, disease... HELP!

    I'm growing about 6 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and all were doing very well... until I went on holiday.

    I went to the beach, and decided to bring back a box full of seaweed and seashells for fertilizer, which I'd read were good sources of minerals and calcium.

    It might have been a really BAD IDEA!

    I crushed the shells and made seaweed tea (after rinsing off the salt) and applied to my tomatoes. Several days later, the lower leaves (on all varieties) began showing the same symptoms.

    Darkening leaves (blackish tint) with a speckled whiteish/almost silvery dot. The leaves have now begun turning almost crispy.

    It's difficult to describe so I will upload some pics to better show.

    Can anyone identify what the issue is?
    If it's related to the seaweed/seashells?

    or do I have some other kind of virus or disease?

    And what can I do about it?

    Should I pull all my tomatoes and start again?
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