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    Hello, I've recently become a home owner and finally have yards and gardens to play with but for the most part have no idea what I'm doing. My question today is about Lilly bulbs. I planted some in the beginning of October. I put them approximately 5-6" down. I added compost to the soil and then covered with mulch. When should I expect to start seeing the sprouts? The mulch hasn't proven to be great at preventing weeds and other things from growing and being a rookie I'm worried I might accidentally pull one of my lilly sprouts thinking it's a weed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Next Spring, they'll come up looking a little like asparagus. But they're also very strong. Sometimes, if the mulch gets matted and clumped together (cheap softwood mulches can sometimes do this) the lily will have problems breaking free and may become deformed (for a year, it isn't permanent). But normal loose mulch it can easily push through. If you want to be sure, in late winter, as soon as the mulch is no longer frozen, you can lightly fluff it with a rake. Don't wait too long though or you may damage the emerging stalks.

    Then, every year, your lilies will get bigger and stronger.

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