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Thread: the $50,000 Prize or Bali holiday?

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    Default the $50,000 Prize or Bali holiday?

    G'day Mates,

    Got a feeling that this competition will totally rock because any garden shed is just fine to join the contest. Anyone out there has some pretty cool ideas to share? Surely appreciate your help with some ideas on how to grab this $50,000 cash or a Bali holiday.

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    I realized some people will not click the link at once not unless they know something about it. Here it goes:

    The website did a shed contest last year (, and I believe it was quiet popular as they were published on some newspapers. So they decided to do it again this year but this time their prizes are much even better.

    They are calling the contest: ‘We love our Aussie Sheds’

    The prizes that they are giving away are $50,000 or a Tropical Holiday for 2 in Bali. All you need to do is send them a picture of the shed that you have with a short story about it.

    Anyone can join and it will be the people of Australia who will vote.

    This website has more information regarding the contest and thought if someone can make any recommendations re:ideas for the contest.


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    Hey Adam,

    That's interesting. Any news if you've won the grand prize?



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