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Thread: Drying Herbs for the winter

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    Default Drying Herbs for the winter

    Tell me what your best method is?

    I am thinking of creating a closet with a small fan for circulation. I envision small ropes or cord hanging from the ceiling of the closet that i could easily clip a basil stem to. This would allow the leaf and stem to dry i could then crumble and jar for later use. I would do this for all the herbs that i wanted to dry.

    Any suggestions?

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    a small dehydration tower, 6 levels with a slow fan. Ours is sealed from the light. The herbs are laid on the cheese cloth screens, then left to dry until they are dry. Then we will place them in a container.

    This works for us pretty easily.

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    I haven't been on this site for a while so excuse the late reply date.
    I usually bundle up the "stalks" and tie them together with twine and hang the twine from a high rafter in the shed. (I screw a srew into the rafter and tie a loop in the higher end of the twine and hook it on the screw.
    Then the herb hangs upside down which I understand may help keep the essentials in the leaves. not sure about that but, my shed is very dry inside and within a couple of weeks, anytime of the year, things dry out well there.
    I don't understand why any kind of fan is necessary unless you are in a really constantly humid area and even then cutting will dry within a month, imo

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