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Thread: Need Help with Hydrangeas

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    Default Need Help with Hydrangeas

    Planted a pair of Hydrangeas about 4 months ago, doing pretty well, it wasnt till about a month ago that I noticed some weird spotting on the leaves and they keep coming back after clipping these leaves.

    can anyone identify whats on the leaves, whats causing it, and what I can do to eliminate the problem.

    if it helps, Im located in NC, where the temp has been pretty regular these last 5-7 weeks (65-75 degrees)

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    looks like a fungal infection, any product like bayer all in one should help treat it.

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    unfortunately i can't view the image you've been attached but let me help you by googling it.

    i love Hydrangeas as it has a beautiful flowers but i haven't seen any problem like this, may be it caused by fungal diseasesthat infected your Hydrangeas

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