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Thread: Garden Shed, Base Advice

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    Hi all

    I have ordered a big .. really big shed made from metal - it weighs in at 334kg (52.8stone) - Now I have heard that there is a calculation for working out the cement I need for a base, any builders out there that might know?? also - I'm not 100% sure of the cement/ballast mix... 3 to 1 ??? I would like to put the base down myself, given the cost of the shed I don't want to spend any more money of i have to!

    Thanks for any advice in advance

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    Hi biff227

    I think what you need to consider here is not the weight of the shed but the dimension. There are readily available calculators online, here's one: ( I just googled that) anyway. There you can punch in the numbers i.e width, length, and thickness of the concrete, and it will tell you how much bag of premixed concrete you need. something like that. I hope this helps.

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