I've just started growing some avocado trees in half whiskey barrel sized pots on my patio area after a failed attempt at growing two trees near the back slope of my yard. My backyard faces south and there's usually a breeze so I thought the avocados would do better if they were closer to my house and a bit more sheltered. I also realized that all the advice about not watering them too much led to the first two trees not getting watered enough.
I drilled several additional holes in the bottom of the pots, added about 1" of 3/4" stone, used an outdoor potting mix and set the pots on some bricks so they would get good drainage.
So far the trees (Hass, Fuerte, Holiday) are doing well and I've already started trimming back the tops so I can keep them at about 8'.
My big worry is whether or not they will produce fruit if kept in the containers.
I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with experience growing avocado trees.