I have been battling something in my garden that has a taste for just about everything except beans, tomatoes, and banana peppers. My garden is surrounded by a couple snow fences and a mess of barbed wire aound the top to keep the woodchucks, coons, and other small critters out. Ever since my broccoli, brussel sprouts, and onions were a couple inches tall, I have been dealing with something that comes in at night and eats all the leaves. I used pesticides on the leaves and sprinkled animal deterent granules around each plant and the entire garden. That helped for a while. About 2 weeks later when the spray and granules wore off I found 20 or so plants that had been eaten down to just the stalks and even a little of that was eaten. Two days ago I checked the garden in the morning to find that 4 HUGE zucchini plants had been eaten down to nothing but stubs. The leaves were bigger around than basketballs and 3 1/2 feet tall and in one night they were down to 10" stubs. No tracks in the garden and the leaves look like they were chewed on by insects. This morning I checked the garden and nothing else had been touched. A couple hours later when I checked it, EVERY last Brussel sprout and Broccoli plant had been eaten down to stems. In the middle of the day it was destroyed! My garden is 25 feet from my house and we were coming and going all day so I'm baffled with what could be doing this?
Any feedback would be appreciated.