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Thread: need thrifty garden ideas.

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    Default need thrifty garden ideas.


    My name is Kate, I'm new to this site. I had a baby earlier this summer, which kept me from gardening as I usually do. Now I want to plant a late season garden, but I am very broke (had to take an unpaid maternity leave). I was wondering if anyone here has any thrifty gardening ideas. I am actually hoping to be able to get a garden going without spending any money at all.

    I know some things like planting the bottoms of green onions, or the tops of carrots. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

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    Seeds are not that expensive, $2, surely you can afford them, right? No need having to mess around planting bits of vegetables, just get some seeds. If you don't need a whole packet, as a friend, most gardeners probably have a box of seeds.

    Cost for gardening usually goes into creating the garden, fertilizing the garden, and watering the garden. Plus to any tools you may have.

    If I were trying to build a new garden for free, make raised beds. Find scrap wood, look on craigslist for wood or old tractor tires or something for free you can fashion into a raised bed. Then, lay down a layer of black and white newspaper or plain brown cardboard you'd otherwise have recycled or thrown away, then lay down a layer of organic matter, (vegetable cuttings from the kitchen, weeds pulled, grass clippings), then another layer of newspaper or cardboard, rinse repeat like you're building lasagna. Stack it higher than the sides of your bed if you can, it will shrink over time, and then just wait. Next year you'll have a bed of fairly lose compost/soil for free. It isn't a quick option, but it is easy, and cheap.

    Congratulations on your baby.

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    Congratulations Kate.

    If you prefer not to buy your own seeds to start again with your garden, why not begin by saving a tomato seed?
    And Chris is right, I'm sure there will be a friendly gardener in your area that can give you seeds to start on.

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    You don't even have to buy seeds. I just soaked half of a cut sweet potato in a jar until it sprouted and planted it, now I have a beautiful sweet potato plant. I also took two beans and soaked them until they sprout and they are growing well. I repeated the process with some watermelon seeds. Just use the seeds from your meals. Good luck with your garden.-
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    I had no idea about tops of carrots. I will need to look this up.

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