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    Hi, new here.

    I decided this year to try my hand at growing some vegetables in pots on my back patio, i live in a condo so space is limited and the front yard space has an evil chipmunk living there.

    I have 6 tomato plants, all grown from seeds, and 2 snow-pea plants. The tomatoes are doing great! grown really well and are starting to get flowers on; they are the beefsteak variety and i cant wait until they start to produce fruit. The snow peas are already flowering and producing pea pods. I'm just waiting a little longer before i pick the first one to make sure it's ready.

    I've got my little garden fenced in with mesh to keep the chipmunk out and my strawberry plant is stashed safely inside there too. That has produced strawberries over the last month or so but once the chipmunk discovered it he was eating them all before they were ripe, so i had to move it.

    I have noticed on my snowpea plants that some of the leaves are being nibbled on my something, any ideas what it could be? and how can i prevent it without completely covering the plants?

    Okay, so here is my little patch:


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    look under the leaves of your peas for either eggs (very tiny) or small green caterpillars or other insects.

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    good job with starting tomatoes from seed!

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