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Thread: Need help with clematis problem

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    Does anybody know what is going on with this clematis. Some of the flowers are developing these splotches. Not all the flowers but a lot of them and more and more. This is my favorite of all my clematis plants in the garden and I would hate for it to die. Im pretty new to this and I have never seen this before. Disease or some sort of a bug. Im attaching a picture of the plant. Please advice.
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    I have never seen or heard of a disease that causes petal discoloration like that. It could be something dropping from above and staining them, it could be a genetic sport, or I guess it could be a disease. I have seen something like that on roses before, but not clematis. You could try a bayer all-in-one disease and fungicide spray. If it is a fungus, of course, prune off the affected areas immediately and remove them from the area.

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    We grow clemitis plants in our greenhouse. Usually a blight causes this. We use bean bug powder and this stops whatever it is. We sell alot of these in our online nursery and tell our customer's to use this and they usually get good results.

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