Hello everyone. My name is Adam Borzy, 33 years old. I live in Gold Coast, QLD. I spent my career in the field of horticulture and landscape construction. For a long time I love all the greens the earth has to offer and discovering new places to go. In other words, I enjoyed gardening and camping so much for a long time. My passion are but not limited of course to 4x4ing, tennis, golf, or anything outdoors regardless if it’s a suburban backyard or the outback. Just doing the usual things a normal person like you would do I guess.

I am here with the intention of joining your helpful and friendly discussion forums. Just like a normal person, I hope to hang out, talk and meet others with similar interests like mine, share my own opinion, advice, suggestion or information with everyone and to ask questions and of course, get the answers I need.

Hope to hear from you all soon