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Thread: Looking for a flower name, could you help?

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    Default Looking for a flower name, could you help?


    I bought a couple of plants yesterday and I bought a flower I haven;t seen before. They guy said the name was something like "Olomeida", but I live in Mexico and this name may not be correct.

    The plan has long green leaves and at the middle of them small flowers all squish together. He showed me a big one, so big that the flowers create an egg form (whole egg); he said the plant was a year and half old; he also showed me a 6 month old one and it had flowers at the middle, but with a lot less, with just the form of a drop pf water at the middle of the leaves.

    He had different colors: yellow, red, blue, purple and pink.

    He sold me 2 plants, they are not the seeds, is a small bunch of leaves with the roots at the bottom. I don't know a lot about this as you can guess, but I have seem tulip bulbs and this don't seam like a bulb, although the thin roots have a similar aspect.

    O have been locking for a picture all day online, but I cannot seem to find any similar pictures. If I had to compare to another plant I would say they look like a short elephant foot plant with a lot of small flowers together at the top center part in very bright colors.

    If anyone could be such an expert to understand my very bad explanation and help me identify this plant I would really appreciate it.

    Sadly I won't have a picture to show it in about 6 months

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    is it tropical?

    Could it be a bromeliad? This is the same plant which produces the pineapple, your egg-like shape.

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