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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Default Forum Rules

    Welcome to the forum, here are the rules.

    1. No discussing politics or religion. I want to keep this a fun place to visit and those topics invariably lead to heated arguments, anger, hate, etc.

    2. No self promoting. You are allowed a signature to link to your website or business. You may not solicit customers for your business or visitors for your site within the meat of your posts though.

    3. Be nice to each other. This is pretty straight forward.

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    New Signature Rules to Stop Spam

    1. New users are not allowed signatures with links.

    2. If you post a signature (ie, a link to your site) in the meat of your post, outside of the signature in your profile, you might end up banned.

    3. Once you reach 30 posts you will be allowed a signature with a link in it.

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    Sounds like the logical thing to do Chris, This is a great forum, put together well, not a place for "one post" spammers, they only keep knowledge from being shared.
    I'm here to stay, If, you need extra eyes here, I've been in the forum game for 8 years myself...would be honored..

    There are a lot of the posts
    Legitimate gardeners, folks with questions they need answered...and quite a few of their questions have been left either un-answered, or with irrelevant ramblings by those wanting to "get their link out there"

    This does nothing but offend good members, and sends them away

    I will do my best to answer any and all posts fellow gardeners, may not always be right, but I do have many, many years of gardening experience, and I am a Master Gardener with the University of Minnesota.

    So All fine members of this board, if you have asked a question here before, and it was not adequately addressed...PLEASE..Try again, I will do my best to answer all your questions.

    And since I have the podium here at the moment...

    I do have over 30 posts

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    The software does promotions automatically, but I think nightly, so within 24 hours your usergroup should automatically change.

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    The software does promotions automatically, but I think nightly, so within 24 hours your usergroup should automatically change.
    Hi Chris, not seeing any change as yet??

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    hmm, I just changed something, lets see if it fixes it in another 24 hour cycle.

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    I'll check back Chris
    busy day, finally spring has shown it's face...

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    Thanks Chris
    Last edited by pharmerphil; 04-08-2011 at 10:48 AM.

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    Hi Chris,

    I'm running into the same problem as Phil. I'm over 30 posts... been there for several days now. Tried to update my signature to include my link and it wouldn't allow me to do so.

    Thanks for your help man. I appreciate it.

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    try again?

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