View Full Version : when to plant bulbs?

08-20-2011, 03:19 PM

I was given a bunch of bulbs by the manager of a local dollar store. It's obviously quite a bit past their ideal planting time, and I'm not even certain if they'll still be alive, but here's my question: do I plant them now or wait until after we've had a couple frosts? I'm borderline between zones 4 and 5 in NH.

Thanks so much! :)


04-02-2012, 02:27 PM
You can plant them now. I would place them about 6 inches deep with rich soil over top of them. More than likely if they were cared for correctly they will return next year for your enjoyment. I am a native wildflower and perennial dealer and we dig and replant bulbs all year long except for when the ground is frozen. So go ahead and plant them now. Hope you enjoy