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02-26-2011, 06:14 AM
Looking for some help with my future potatoes.

1. Last year for the first time I got hit with blight. I saved my taters with Daconil but is there any way to get read of this fungus now or am I stuck with it? If I rototill my garden right now when it is still cold and freezing at times will it help any?

2. My potatoes are kind of smallish even though plant itself grows nicely and there are a lot of those smallish potatoes. I am not expecting store size ones since I do not use chemicals (other then Daconil) but still… is there a way to make them happier and grow bigger? I have good soil, Everything grows well but it is kind of heavy, sticky. I noticed that potato fields north of where I live have looser, lighter soil. Do I need to make my soil softer somehow? Is yes, how?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

02-27-2011, 03:17 PM
Hi, not an expert, but here is what I suggest;

When harvesting your potatoes, always ensure that you remove all of them from the ground. ;)

Basically cold weather will kill the spores, however if you leave infected tubers in the ground over winter, the blight will return :(

Another trick is to water at the base rather than on the foliage.

Regarding the soil, you need to work it, in order to aerate it, using a rototill is a very good idea, but ensure that you don't compact it after. The freezing conditions will help also.

Try to introduce some organic matter, farmyard manure is great for this. You can also use some general purpose NPK fertilizer, specifically nitrogen and potash.

You might also want to consider switching to a different variety, obviously larger ones are available but also are blight resistant ones.

Good luck :)

03-04-2011, 11:43 AM
we raise a few hundred pounds a year, but no expert here for sure..
First, always start with certified seed stock
Then test and adjust your soils Ph to around 5-6.5

DRAINAGE...The most critical time to feed/water is when your potatoes start to flower (THIS IS ALSO the time to stop hiling them)
However, they need Good drainage
Sand is a great amendment, add it to loosen up your soil...
(Odd, just north of Us are VERY large commercial potato fields)

Plant out date, now here in Minnesota, we never get to plant on Good Friday//SORRY..lied..Once we had good enough weather..
But Rushing out to work the soil will surely get you off to a bad start, always wait till you can dig a spade in, take soil from the bottom of that hole, and squeeze it into a tight ball in your hand...if it breaks apart...It's time...

We plant each seed piece 4 inches deep, 16 inches apart

I would definately grow your potatoes in a different spot this year

Last year we did fewer potatoes, only 168 hills, but harvested almost 400 pounds

03-29-2011, 04:51 PM
I dont know if this article will help but it has some info on growing "winter" fruits and veggies, which I think that potatoes qualify for...

I hope it works out this year for you!
How to plant a winter vegetable garden (http://www.alternativeconsumer.com/2010/12/13/how-to-plant-a-winter-vegetable-garden)