View Full Version : Intro and Summer garden--Round Two

07-16-2010, 06:29 PM
I've posted a few replies here but have never introduced myself. I love motorcycling and my road name is Gumbo since I'm from southeast Louisiana. I've been an avid gardener for many years with a small hiatus from it due to the after effects of Hurricane Katrina with fixing the house and other work considerations.

The last couple of years have afforded me time to reclaim my small plot. My backyard garden consists of 5 rows 45 feet long running the length of my yard and 2 smaller rows about 25 feet each running the width. I use trellises for cucumbers and pole beans with the rest direct planted in the ground. I have a small 5 hp. front time tiller that does all I need in terms of soil turning. When I initially turned my soil several years ago, it was mainly clay and it took quite a bit of work to make it good garden soil. It was quite a job getting it to become a better growing medium with lots of composted material, organic material, manures, sand, etc. being added every season over the years. Fortunately, I live near City Park and there is an abundance of leaves to be had for a little sweat equity along with the N.O.P.D. Horse stables that have well composted manure on site for the asking.

With much of what I planted in the early spring already played out, it is time for round two for a late summer, early fall crop. I had little success with squash in the first planting due to squash borers getting to the plants at an early stage so I planted some seeds that have come up for another go.

Tomato plants are now done but I had a great crop this year until we got tons of rain all in a few weeks that split tomatoes before fully ripening causing rot. I'll start some by seed in another week or so to have some in the early fall.

Pepper plants didn't do as well this year with the exception of some bell peppers and Hungarian hot peppers so I'll give it another go. Cucumbers and Okra are giving me more than I need at this time so the neighbors benefit.

My pole bean crop started out like gangbusters, gave me some good Kentucky Wonder beans for a few weeks then it was all vine and little fruit. I recently pulled them and replanted with Japanese Yard-Long Beans and had great success with them last year in the early fall. They are a head turner when the beans get between 18 - 24 inches each and remain great to eat.

My ichiban eggplants are doing fine with a good harvest even though they were slow starters this year for some reason.

Can't wait till fall with cooler temps. and putting in the leafy stuff that can't take our summer heat.

Any input, ideas, etc. are more than welcome.