View Full Version : Pecking

07-09-2010, 03:38 PM

My wife and I keep 4 banams in the back garden. Two frizzles, a buff orpington, and a arracarrna.

The arracanna is top ofthe pecking order, and quite aggressive,

One ofthe frizzles is vey small and scraggy and has always been bottom ofhe heap. But, recently thepecking has got much worse and she is bald headed with a lot of feathers missing over her shoulders. It's horrible, and we've tried spraying the little one with anti pecking spray and though it worked for a short while it's now worse than ever. :confused:

We are at our wits end to know what to do. Should we get rid ofthe aggressive one, do we need a cockerel (probably too noisy for suburban garden)?

Any ideas?