View Full Version : Cantaloupe/Watermelon Seeds???

03-23-2010, 02:26 AM
Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm very new at gardening. I'm wanting to plant watermelon and cantaloupe seeds indoors until it warms up a bit outside. Unfortunately I don't know how many seeds per hole I should put in. Some sites have said 3-4, while others say 1. Also is there a chance of cross pollination if I plant watermelons and cantaloupes in the same area? How far apart would they need to be to eliminate this risk?

Thanks so much for your help

03-23-2010, 03:21 PM
I don't think you'll have a risk of cross pollination, and in anycase it'd only effect the seeds of the fruit you grow (and anything you'd try to grow with those seeds), not the fruit itself.

When planting outdoors you should sow quite a few seeds per hill.

However, when starting indoors you should do one seed per cell or hole or however you're starting seeds. Then you can transplant them to a hill later at the desired density.