View Full Version : Three Sisters

08-10-2009, 08:25 PM
I am trying to grow a Three Sisters garden (corn, beans & squash) and was successful up to a point. Now the garden is behaving like three angry sisters who are trying to kill each other. The scarlet runner bean vines have completely taken over, they climbed up the corn stalks, and with no where else to go, they climbed to the corn stalk next to it, forming a chain with the neighboring vines. The result is my poor corn stalks are now nearly horizontal, almost to the ground as the vines have grown out of control on top of them. I don't think the corn will survive, which is sad considering the baby ears or corn are just starting to grow. I suppose I could hack away the vines but I would feel bad about that too since the vines have these pretty bright red flowers. The squash plants initially had these nice big yellow blossoms, but now the leaves are turning a sickly pale color, and there is no fruit. They are being overrun by the bean vines and leaves too I think. Does anyone have any experience with this and can offer some helpful suggestions before the season is over? (I live in northern Virginia)