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04-27-2009, 10:31 AM
On one of the few lovely summer days we had last year, I had just spent the morning pruning back the shrubs and generally tidying, so with a glass of ice cold water and an old dining room chair decided it was time to enjoy the sun and relax in the garden for a while.

As I sipped my drink, I suddenly realised just how uncomfortable my chair was and began to crave a comfy, shaded seat. My discontent grew as I realised just how bland and empty my garden was and that it was in dire need of a little decoration and the empty pond in the middle was crying out for a little tender loving care.

What I would have given at that moment to be gently swaying in the summer breeze on some kind of swing seat that wasnt destroying my back like my rickety old chair! I started to visualise my garden as a much nicer place to be and promised myself that by next summer I would have some beautiful garden furniture in place.

Browsing around the internet, I discovered many garden furniture websites selling the full range of garden bits and bobs but I had decided that wooden garden furniture would best suit my garden.

I could picture a stylish arbour in one corner, just by the old sycamore tree where I could read the morning paper or perhaps later, shelter from the afternoon sun. In another corner I could put one of those wooden swing seats, my only dilemma would be deciding whether to have it covered or not.

The pond was a different story. It needed a major overhaul! My minds eye had it all worked out though, I could see a small oriental bridge stretching across the fresh clean water, my fish happily swimming in their new surroundings.

One might imagine that a lot of time and effort would be taken up but apparently these wooden bridges can be fully assembled within half an hour. Crafted by hand in the UK with a finish of teak stain and luxurious carved ball finials, the word quality comes to mind.

So hopefully by the time our summer afternoons arrive again, my garden with all its new wooden garden furniture will be the perfect place to retreat to for a little laziness and relaxation. The light nights of a new spring have just landed so bring on the summer!

Wooden Garden Furniture (http://www.afkgardenfurniture.co.uk)

05-01-2009, 09:06 PM
Sounds like you've got a good idea on what you want.. Yes those bridges are nice as I bought one for my pond and it's worked out great with no problems for 3 years. Good luck on your renovation.:)