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03-25-2014, 08:17 PM
Hi All!

Thanks for all of your helpful gardening and landscaping tips. I garden every weekend, especially in this hot weather and am always looking for new ideas.
My team got together and built a tool, Linc, especially intended to organize gardening and landscaping receipts. What's cool is that I can report expenses directly from my mobile when I am gardening for friends or clients.

The LincCare button connects you to stores (Home Depot, Walmart, etc.) in case any questions come up regarding your purchase.

I'd love to hear what you all think of the App, and how we can improve for your specific needs.

I look forward to collaborating together with you all ongoing on gardening and landscaping tips and tricks.


Here's a blog post we wrote about the features:

Got Green Thumbs? You Need Linc.

Plant the seeds
Water the flowers
Pull the weeds
Mow the lawn

We know you have a lot to do. From the changing seasons to meeting client needs. We’re Linc, and we have a solution that will save you time, money and headaches.

We want you to go wild with flower variations, grass types, fountains and even lawn gnomes — while we handle the details!
Download Linc App Now!

•Instantly capture receipts.
•Group them by client or category.
•Track your online orders.
•View and share reports.
•Get VIP service with LincCare and connect directly with retailers.

Which roses are on sale?
Does Buffalo or St. Augustine grass handle heat better?
Do you have a five foot fairy fountain?
Do you have 15 30ft garden hoses in stock?
Have you received my order of pool chemicals?

LincCare is available for all major retailers, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.

Linc – life made simple