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06-23-2013, 12:44 AM
Hi I live in New York and I am going to be starting a new garden soon. I'm going to probably end up using planters to grow my plants in. I was thinking about using black beans, green beans and maybe a herb. Any suggestions on other things I could go and tips on growing beans would be greatly appreciated. This is my first garden as well so anything will help.

06-28-2013, 01:33 PM
I plant a mix of green, burgundy and wax beans. They are colorful (the burgundy turn green when cooked) but I get a few every day. I have done bush and pole beans but find I like the pole better. I put two pieces of 4x8 concrete reinforcement wire into the ground with garden poles to hold them up. I can stack it away in the winter and change where I plant the beans from year to year. My beans go up to 10 feet tall, so make sure you have room. 30 plants in eight feet row on one side of a garden bed with full sun and regular watering and miracle grow every month will get you enough beans for four a couple times a week with some surges and some rest time for the length of growing season. Bush beans seem more determinant where you will have a surge and then nothing so you will have to do succession planting and have more room for the different stages of maturity. I start mine indoors a month before putting into the garden and have beans from may through October. Good luck